Our Concierge can confirm any of the following tours and adventures to make your stay most memorable.  Most require 24-hour advanced notice in order to schedule. (More popular tours may require additional time.)  

Everything listed below is within 30 minutes -- or less! -- of Casa Azur. 

There is something to suit everyone, regardless of age and athletic ability.  With so many options, you surely will want to come back for more! (*Prices are subject to change as all tours listed are operated by private companies.)

Is there something you want to do not listed? Just ask! We will try to make it happen for you.  

the most of YOUR COSTA RICA vacation."

Manuel Antonio National Park

This famous destination is well known for beautiful beaches, bird and animal watching and hiking trails. It is consistently named among the world's most beautiful national parks.


Zip Line Tours 

1) Flight of the Toucan
This Rainforest Zip Line Tour imitates the flight of the chestnut-mandible toucan, as it leaps off a branch, swoops down through the forest and then up in to another tree. On this tour, 8 separate cable rides take you from one ridge top to another, across valleys and streams. There are 14 land based platforms and 1 tree platform with a view of the coast.  

2) Osa Canopy Tour 
Osa Canopy is located on a private reserve of 800 Hectare (nearly 2,000 acres) of primary and secondary forest. This tour consists of 11 cables approximately 450 meters long, 2 rappelling stations in the trees and a Tarzan rope. Also on the property you will see a wide variety of birds, monkeys, sloths and more!  

3) MidWorld Adventures
This popular Quepos-based tour is the longest in the area, with a 9-line, 14-platform ride including 2 rappels, a hanging bridge, and an optional “Superman Flight.” It’s the only double-cabled lines in the area with a hands-free braking system. Completely kid-friendly, so ages 4+ are welcome. (Lunch is included.)

Costa Rica
Surf Camp 

Costa Rica Surf Camp is not only the best surf camp in Costa Rica, but arguably in the world! From beginners to experienced surfers, Costa Rica Surf Camp has served thousands of happy students and visitors with world-class quality services since 2003.  

All instructors are also lifeguards in Playa Dominical. Their 2:1 student/instructor ratio ensures the attention you deserve. At this surf camp, quality (not quantity) is the priority. With your safety in mind, you are guaranteed to get the most out of your surf experience. 

4x4 ATV Tour 

Join this very scenic tour with climbs over several high mountain ranges around Uvita. Then, go deep into the jungle providing fun stream crossings, as well as amazing ocean and valley views. You will even visit working coffee and banana plantations before continuing on through a small village and returning home.  ($125/person)

Horse Back Tour
to the Nauyaca Waterfalls 

Nauyaca Waterfalls are located about 30 minutes from Casa Azur (towards San Isidro) on a private reserve owned and operated by the Lulo family. Their love of nature and wildlife led the family to develop ecotourism to protect and preserve the land.  The Nauyaca tour offers a rare glimpse of the rainforest and waterfalls along with a unique learning experience, guided by Señor Lulo and his highly educated sons. This memorable half-day horseback expedition is filled with culture, nature and adventure. Breakfast & Lunch included. ($70/person)

Waterfall Repelling

Come enjoy one of Mother Nature's naturally-designed tropical water parks. This will take you out of your comfort zone with “Thrill-Therapy!” The tour starts at the Costa Canyoning Base Camp where you are introduced to your guides and the equipment you’ll be using (safety harness, descending gear and helmet). From Base Camp it’s a 15-minute 4x4 ride through the Magical Bamboo forest and then up the ridgeline to the top of the canyon. There you will receive thorough safety instructions before starting your adventure
and descent. Finish with new friends over a typical lunch and beer!

White Water Rafting  

Costa Rica is well known for having some of the most exciting rapids in the world. Rio Reventazon, Rio Pacuare and Rio Sarapiqui are all rivers that offer incredible white water rafting tours.

In Manuel Antonio, just 30 minutes North of Casa Azur, tours in the Rio Savegre and Rio Naranjo offers rapids from Class II to Class III, perfect
for beginners. 

To the South of Casa Azur, the Guabo River, Coto Brus River an General River offer from Class III to Class IV rapids, perfect for more intense white water rafting experiences. 

Just ask the Concierge to help you select the best for your skill level!

Catamaran Snorkeling Tour

Tour the coastline while your captain hoists the sails (wind permitting, of course) and feel the Catamaran cutting quietly through the blue waters of the Pacific. A knowledgeable, onboard guide is ready to answer any questions, pointing out sights of interest while giving a brief history of the area. After touring the coastline, the Catamaran anchors in a protected cove of the pristine Biesanz Bay for an unforgettable snorkeling adventure in the warm waters. All masks, snorkels and fins are provided so you can dive in and observe the underwater playground with over 50 species of colorful tropical fish plus sea turtles, pelicans and more. Lunch & drinks provided!

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary 

Experience a rich variety of the wildlife Costa Rica has to offer up close & personal during this educational tour. The Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary is a non-profit organization. Your visit provides the financial resources to feed and care for injured or over-domesticated animals. ($25/person)

Scuba Diving

Beginner Course
Under the direct guidance of a PADI instructor, practice dives in the pool. Once you get used to the idea, head towards the ocean to dive to the depths of
6 to 12 feet. The dive requires only half a day training, and no previous experience is needed. (Kids under ten years of age are not allowed to participate.) Equipment is provided. 

Open Water Course 
Dive to the deeper parts of the ocean under the supervision of a PADI professional. The depth of the dives is up to 60 feet! The certification course lasts for 2 to 3 days and costs $449.  Advanced only.

Costa Rica Dive
& Surf Shop 

Located in Dominical, this specialty shop offers daily activities from diving to snorkeling to surfing. Dive & snorkel tours take place at Cano Island or Ballena National Park while surfing occurs by Rio Barú’s sandbars and Corcovado National Park.  

1) Ballena National Park
is a sublime natural wonderland near the entrance of Dominical. A wide reef system of 70 kilometer consists of unique rock formation, isles, underwater mounts an reef walls. A half-day long dive or snorkel trip is more than enough to meet the amazing species that dwell underwater. Enjoy thrilling encounters with Humpback whales, dolphins, sea turtles, octopuses, seahorses, rays in the transulscent water with superb visibility. 

2) Cano Island
is 40 miles away from the boat launches of Cost Rica Dive and Surf. The boat leaves for the island at 6:30 am and returns about 3 p.m.  The shop takes you on an open ocean trip so travelers can see dolphins & whales swimming about the boat on their way to Cano Island. Dives are conducted in two locations where visibility is more than 80 feet! The groups are usually kept small, around 5 people, for personalized service. Tour includes lunch and all the equipment.

S.U.P. Lessons

One of the best core workouts around, Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Boarding is quickly becoming the next big thing. Venture out to the mellow waters of the Rio Barú to first learn all the proper techniques to make it easy for you to paddle. As you enjoy the surrounding beauty, you will become comfortable on the Paddle Board, leaving you ready to try more adventurous, open-sea paddle destinations. 

Hatillo Mangroves Paddling Adventure 

The Mangroves are a sanctuary filled with life and riveting beauty.  Paddling here takes you into a wonder world of peaceful jungle. This mellow tour guides you through the Hatillo Mangroves, where you can see plants and animals of all sorts. Herons swoop from branch to branch, Kingfishers dive for fish, Raccoons scurry down the tree, Crabs fight for Mangrove root ownership. You will paddle through many sections of the river, passing different types of Mangroves, termite nests, and Orchids hidden in the trees.   The river is very calm, allowing an amateur kayaker to enjoy the water, without getting tired or scared. Knowledgeable guides will take you through the deep, lush mangroves, introducing you to the vast jungle waters, while taking you away from the hot sun and dirt roads. The birds and animals thrive in this sanctuary, so this tour is great for BIRD WATCHERS.  


After a short hike in Marino Ballena National Park (just 2o minutes South of Casa Azur), paddle out through the small waves of Uvita Bay, and head towards the Whale’s Tail. It is a rock formation that occurs during the low tide only. Snorkel around the rocks looking for tropical fish. Take a break on the path formed by the low tide. The views from “Moses’s Path” are amazing, with mountain views for miles north and south. After, paddle into small sections of mangroves, and get a little taste of the mangrove jungle.  

Rio Barú Paddling Adventure 

This is a casual paddle up the majestic Rio Barú in Dominical.  This tour can be done with or without a guide, on either a kayak or a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Board, as is it super mellow and easy.  Launch from the river mouth and head up river for about a mile and a half.  The wildlife that hangs out around this river is full of life and you will feel refreshed as you paddle back down the river into the sunset (or sunrise!).   

Ventanas Ocean Caves 

If you are down for this memorable challenge, you will get the opportunity to paddle on the turquoise waters to check th amazing cave and arch formations that appears along the lush, mountainous coastline of Ventanas Beach. This tour is for people who want high-adrenaline and are not afraid to get a good workout to see something spectacular.  Advanced only!

Dominicalito Ocean/Island Paddle 

About 2 miles south of Dominical is a calm bay calle Dominicalito. Paddle out into the teal waters to explore the island of La Parcela and see the fishing boats in action. You wil see where the beautiful, lush, green mountains crash into the sea. This tour is a great way to see Dominical and its amazing topography from the water, all while getting in a little exercise. This tour can be done with kayak or Stand Up Paddling (SUP). 

Rio Uvita/Moret 

*This tour is a great option for large groups. This tour can be done on either a Kayak or S.U.P. Board (Stand-Up-Paddl Board), as is it super mellow and easy. Explore 2 rivers, launching under a garden of Bamboo Trees. Travel up river with the majestic mountains in the background to find a swimming hole where you can jump from 10 feet up. Paddle back down into the river mouth, to pass a small section of mangroves, then stop at the beach to check the waves.  

Flying Boat Tours 

Skimming over the blue Pacific waters, you’ll fly along th contours of the stunning coastal landscape. Lined with white sandy beaches, dense jungle and an abundance of tropica wildlife, look out for the resident dolphins and visiting whales. Cruise over the famous vacation destination of Manuel Antoni National Park and the mangrove estuaries of Damas Island for an exhilarating bird’s eye adventure tour that encompasses a large portion of Costa Rica’s stunning Pacific coast. 


Experience the sky without the dive. Simply strap in, tak a few steps in the sand and lif off from 150 to 600 feet into  the air over the pristin coastline.  

Ballena National Park Packages 

Choose between these various activities to experience the best of this famous national park known as “The Whale Tail”: 

1) Ballena National Park Dive Tour  
is for certified divers with minimum of 3 people. The package contain water, fruits, snacks and drinks for the sunset tour.

2) Ballena National Park Snorkel Tour
offers similar facilities as the Dive Tour listed above without certification required.

3) The Dolphin and Whale Watching Tour 
offers free snacks during a guided 3-hour tour of Ballena National Park.

Sport Fishing/Guided Fishing Trip  

Our concierge can arrange numerous options, including:

  • In-shore tours
  • Trash line tours
  • Offshore/deep sea tour
  • Spear/rock/beach/kayak fishing

Riding Tour in Rancho La Merced Wildlife Refuge 

Rancho La Merced is both a Wildlife Refuge and a sustainable cattle operation. Area includes a primary forest, waterfall, river, and a long beach to horseback ride. 

Options to choose for horseback tours:

  • to the Waterfalls
  • to Hermosa Beach
  • Sunset Rides 

Golfing in Paradise 

Los Sueños is known for their “La Iguana Golf Course,” designed by Ted Robinson Jr. This 18-hole, par-72 course combines incredible scenery with challenging golf. Located near Jacó, it is about a 90-minute drive North from Casa Azur. 

See playful monkeys, three-toed sloths, brilliant toucans an scarlet macaws along the fairways. In fact, La Iguana’s bilingual forecaddies have been specially trained to point out over 150 species of wildlife to players as they make their way through thi unique rainforest course. 

Whales & Dolphins Combo Tour 

During the “Bahia Aventuras Whale Watching & Dolphin Encounter Combo Tour” search for Humpback whales, listen to their love songs and feel the great sensation of watching a mammal that weighs more than 40 tons jump out of the wate and splash its gigantic tail. Snorkel to observe dolphins, turtles, bi-color parrotfish and more! 

The Marino Ballena National Park is home to one of the mos biologically diverse marine habitats in Costa Rica.  More than 100 large pods of Bottlenose, Spotted, Common or Spinner dolphins perform acrobatics. Watch Humpback Whales teach their babies to breach. This tour is for
all ages!